OPEX Academy Newsletter Volume 1: Let It Flow

OPEX Oil & Gas Resources Limited was founded in 2013 with the objective of providing Operation and maintenance services to the Nigeria’s energy sector. The company is rapidly establishing itself as a dependable operation & maintenance services provider, proving outsourced technical services.

As a result of these, we have set up an academy to keep a high tone of excellence is a constant attention to tuning and re-tuning our work staff with major training in:

  • Safety
  • Work Competence
  • Oil and Gas Phenomenons
  • Self Development
  • Effective Work Ethics
  • Health management e.t.c

On 25th January, 2019, a Safety refresher training commemced with about 45 employees in attendance. 

At OPEX, we are committed to the highest safety and environment requirements in ensuring the optimal protection of lives and assets in the community where we operate at all times. We do not compromise safety for expediency.

We believe that excellence in the management of health and safety is an essential element within our overall business plan. The identification, assessment and control of health and safety risks are of equal importance to production and quality. As a basic requirement, all OPEX personnel learn and maintain comprehensive understanding of the globally acceptable safety requirements. 

The refresher training cover the following area:


  • Safety policy
  • Alcohol & Drug policy
  • Motor vehicle policy
  • Responsibilities
  • Worker’s rights
  • General safety rules
  • Disciplinary actions


  • Accident/incident reporting
  • Accident / incident investigation
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Emergency evacuation plan
  • Work place inspection
  • Hazard awareness
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hearing conversation
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